The North Face

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The North Face



The North Face is one of the world’s premium performance apparel brands, and through Fluid I had the opportunity to work with them for 7 years. One of the most notable projects was their first ecom website back in 2007, which was so successful that it helped establish today’s best practices in ecom. Our mantra: “There’s a story at the heart of product, and product at the heart of the story” drove forward our goal to blend brand + ecom as the center of our initiatives (at a time when companies kept their shopping sites separate from their brand sites). We also proposed that – the same way their R&D is cutting-edge, we must also show technological prowess in our consumer-facing initiatives. This resulted in the brand being first in all things digital (from configurators to artificial intelligence), winning many awards, getting noticed by journalists, and surpassing sales goals year after year. Because the creative and strategy teams were able to never stop exploring, the core consumer was reached.